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About Us


We are not here to make you feel guilty, we're here to make you feel proud!  Millions of people around the world are standing up for the climate and holding those RESPONSIBLE to account (we are looking at you governments, big businesses and multi-millionaires).  Here is a page to celebrate all the individual choices people we've met are making to reduce their impact on the climate.  We use these photos to show the CHANGE MAKERS how hard we are working, the question is what are they going to do to protect our planet and our future?


We run regular stalls to share information about climate change and encourage people to celebrate the positive changes they've made to reduce their impact on the climate crisis.  We encourage everyone we meet to get active in spreading the word and increasing the fight against planet wrecking practises.

Were you at one of our stalls?  Scroll down to see if you can find yourself...

Meet our climate heroes

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