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River Vision project

Our local river (the River Frome) is like a hidden gem, brimming with potential to make our community life even better. The health of the river directly impacts how well we can handle climate-related challenges like floods and droughts. If we take good care of it, we're not just looking out for ourselves but also for all the fascinating nature around us, kind of like giving our local ecosystem a big protective hug. 


Our vision for the River Frome is to make it a place everyone can easily enjoy. We've sent a detailed proposal to Frome Town Council, asking for improved access at Rodden Meadow. This includes seating, a path, steps down to the river and a platform overlooking the river! 

Fundraising is likely to be needed to make the whole dream come true. We're not going at it alone – we’ve connected closely with the main groups who use and look after the river, gaining their insights and full support.

While we're crossing our fingers for better access, we've put a litter-picking station right outside the library. We're in cahoots with those protecting the river, paraded around a giant otter and fish in the Lantern Parade and are confirming a meeting with our local MP, Sarah Dyke.

This project has got everyone talking! 


Come 2024, we're on a mission to shout louder about how locals can play a role and support ongoing efforts to encourage polluters to adopt environmentally beneficial practices, ultimately contributing to the improvement of our local environment.


“People Protect What They Love” – Jacques Cousteau

By making a part of the river more accessible and hosting engaging events and activities, we hope to create a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy, ultimately promoting physical and mental well-being among our community.

The Frome Families for the Future River Vision project is working in partnership with Edventure Frome Future Shed. Future Shed is part of Green & Healthy Frome, a partnership programme of Edventure Frome, Frome Medical Practice and Frome Town Council taking action on health and climate, funded by the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund. FFFF are 'in residence' with Future Shed and the GHF project in 2023-24, that connects climate and health.

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